7 days - an adventure with God

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to live this life also! What can I do?

This is what we read in the Bible. Start to read the new testament, where all the answers can be found. If you have a church background, we highly recommend you to watch the online Pioneer School. It helps you to understand what the Bible is saying. Many believe things because of the traditions in their background and read the Bible with certain ‘glasses’ on. These 24 lessons help you to remove those.

You can also contact disciples near you and meet with them. We have a website with a world map where disciples in your area can make themselves known, so you can get in touch with them.

Click here to go to The Pioneer School.

Click here to connect with disciples near you.

Can I download the movie somewhere?

Yes, the movie can be downloaded in different formats.

Click here to go to the download page.

Is the movie available on DVD?

Not yet, but we are working on it and it will be available in a few weeks. We can send you a free copy, or you can order packs of 10 to hand out to others.

Click here to order your (free) DVD.

Who are Marcao, Gil and Djamara mentioned in the beginning of the movie?

This family were close friends to the people we stayed with in their house. Not long after we went home again, a big tragedy happened that shocked many. The family died in a tragic car accident. They appear in the very first clip of the movie.

Is this movie the sequel to the movie The Last Reformation - The Beginning?

No, we are still working on the sequel to The Last Reformation - The Beginning. This movie is called ‘The Last Reformation - The Life’ and is being produced by Lebo Akatio. We hope to release the movie by the end of this year.

Will the movie be available in my language?

The movie has subtitles in around 30 languages. If you click on the settings button on the Youtube video, you can select your language.

If your language is not in this list, it's easy to contribute yourself using Youtube Community Contributions.

The lady in the movie with Parkinson’s disease.. how is she?

The latest report we got from the family said that she is not healed still. But that she is very strong in Jesus Christ. She spends her days, praying to God, studying the bible and preaching the gospel to ALL that come in her house. They are very thankful to God for everything, even she is not healed yet.

What music was used in the movie?

We used royalty free music from different composers. The Brazilian song you hear at some time in the movie is called ‘Nome sobre todo nome’ performed by Davi Silva.